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A DUI charge is not something that any Californian resident should ever take lightly. These types of misdemeanors and felonies are unlike any other charges that one could receive while driving a vehicle. Drivers will not have the choice to pay fines or enroll in traffic school to remove a DUI from their record. Instead, it is going to require the services of an effective legal representative to avoid the overwhelming penalties.

Any drivers that do walk into the El Segundo courthouse without the assistance of one of our attorneys are most likely going to find themselves quickly convicted of a full DUI. For first-time offenders, one can expect costs that reach $10,000 when taking the various fines, fees, and increases to insurance rates into consideration. Repeat offenders may be in for a much worse scenario as it does not take much for multiple convictions to escalate into felonies that are going to involve a permanently revoked license or even time in prison.No matter how hopeless the case may seem, it is never completely beyond repair. While many DUI attorneys may only take on the simplest of cases in order to get paid and move on, our practice is ready to take on even the most severe of charges and offer positive options for our clients.We are ready to operate within all counties in California and are familiar with all local courthouses, laws, judges, and law enforcement agencies. We understand which tactics are going to result in reduced or removed charges and which should be avoided, and this makes us invaluable to El Segundo drivers that need our assistance. Contact us today and take that first step towards defending yourself, your finances, and your future.Before you plead guilty to a DUI, you should know that the resulting conviction would remain on your permanent criminal record. It would continue to be accessible to schools, employers, and even landlords and creditors. You have the right to fight DUI charges, and our DUI attorney in El Segundo can help. You may begin to suffer from the effects of a DUI immediately after your arrest. The arresting officer will provide you with a Notice of Suspension, which notifies you that your license will be suspended. You have the right to contest this action at a DMV Administrative Hearing, a procedure with which our El Segundo DUI attorney can assist you. Even if the DMV overturns your license suspension, however, you may still be facing a suspension or revocation due to the criminal proceedings associated with a DUI. Other common penalties associated with a first-time DUI offense include mandatory drug and alcohol offender’s programs and jail time or probation. Our DUI lawyer in El Segundo will defend you aggressively against these charges and fight for the best possible scenario.

Our El Segundo DUI lawyer can hire experts who will determine if there were any problems with the chemical tests and can review the circumstances surrounding your arrest. The judge and prosecutors have extensive experience handling DUI cases. Should you not also have someone on your side who is equally experienced defending those accused of driving under the influence?A DUI can lead to both short- and long-term ramifications that can affect where you go to school, where you work, and even where you live. While you may have had little control over the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you can take back control with the assistance of our DUI attorney in El Segundo. Our attorney will help you from the beginning of your civil case to the conclusion of your criminal case, and if you are convicted, we can even help you determine if you qualify for an expungement. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you should know you have options. Contact our DUI lawyer in El Segundo today to schedule your consultation.

About El Segundo

If you are proud to be the resident of El Segundo, only you have the experience of life forces that sustain your sense of pride. No one else can have the slightest idea of how it feels to be the resident of El Segundo, unless they personally experience how this lovely city goes alive with numerous activities, fun and entertainment. This fun and rejoicing moments create situations when you can get carried away and face the charges of drunk driving. If any unfortunate events lead to DUI charges, make sure that you promptly call your DUI lawyers or attorney to fight back the charges with a strong defense strategy. Your DUI lawyer will ensure that you don’t lose your future prospects on a single alleged mistake.

The exciting and lavish scenarios of exotic beach always have the potential of creating troubles. You can take alcoholic beverages during the moments of rejoicing and sunbathing or water sports at the El Segundo Beach. Your moments of rejoice are bound to turn into persistent worries if you are careless to drive off in your car and get pulled over. However, if you do get careless, promptly contact your El Segundo DUI attorney to take care of your DUI charges.

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The seductive evening hours of Old Town Music Hall create the same situations of getting carried away if you decide to enjoy some delicacies along with the exotic drinks. You might face a risk of getting pulled over on your way to the station. You should immediately consult your DUI attorney to get the help and support if you couldn’t hold your temptation of having a drink after the show and get charged for driving under the influence.

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The fun and excitement of the Automobile Driving Museum also create the temptation of taking a drink. Your ride in a museum car on Sunday may fill you with so much fun and excitement that you may get carried away to take a drink. If this happens, you might encounter flashing lights from behind. There is no need to panic in any such situation; all you need is to call your DUI attorney who will work out the appropriate strategy to defend you during the criminal proceedings of DUI.

If you are going through or staying in El Segundo, you must remember the number of your DUI attorney or keep it handy in case you need them. You should be careful not to get carried away under any seductive temptations of fun and excitement during your stay in El Segundo, but if any unfortunate events lead to DUI charges, make sure that you have your DUI attorney on your side.

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