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Hawthorne DUI LawyerEvery driver is going to be on the receiving end of a traffic ticket at some point in their life.  Whether it is simple fix-it ticket or another minor infraction, these charges are almost an inevitable part of driving within Southern California.  In the case of a DUI, however, things are going to be much different for a driver.  There is not going to be any chance to simply pay fines or request driving school with one of these shocking charges.

DUIs are unlike almost any other ticket that a driver can receive on the road.  They blur the line of criminal cases and civil infractions, resulting in penalties that will haunt a driver for years to come.  Initial fines will begin at $1,000 or more, not including impound costs and DMV fees that could tack on hundreds or thousands of dollars.  The real hardships will become evident when the driver finds themselves without a license for months or years on end.

We will help you with every single step of the process beginning with the DMV hearing.  Drivers have only 10 days to request their hearing before the DMV administrative panel.  We will be able to collect the evidence and information that we need to build a strong case before ever setting foot in the Hawthorne courthouse.

With our DUI experts by your side, there is no DUI case that is ever beyond repair. We have worked extensively with all local judges and law enforcement officers and understand the tactics and strategies that are going to produce results.

If you have recently been charged with a DUI there is no time to hesitate.

Hawthorne DUI Lawyer

DUI charges often bring with them considerable confusion and distress. If you have been charged with a DUI, having a reliable authority to whom you can turn can bring you the confidence you need to get through the days ahead. Our DUI attorney in Hawthorne can help. Immediately following your arrest, you should receive a Notice of Suspension. This provides you with 10 calendar days to schedule your Administrative Hearing, a procedure during which you will have the opportunity to contest the suspension of your license. While your immediate concern may be maintaining your ability to drive, you should know that a DUI arrest creates a DUI record, which will be registered in a criminal database. Your record may be accessible to current and potential employers, schools and colleges, and even the military. Fighting the charges you face may be able to prevent them from becoming a part of your permanent criminal record and limiting your future opportunities. Our DUI lawyer in Hawthorne will assist you in crafting a defense and fight on your behalf.

DUI penalties in California are notoriously harsh. Steep fines, mandatory educational programs, and probation or jail time are not uncommon penalties, and if any aggravating factors were present at the time of your arrest, you may be facing more severe penalties. Aggravating factors may include excessive blood alcohol concentration, an accident with injuries, or a history of DUI arrests. Time is of the essence when you are facing DUI charges, and you need our Hawthorne DUI lawyer on your side throughout this process. Your DUI arrest will remain on your criminal record permanently. However, with the assistance of our seasoned DUI lawyer in Hawthorne, the charges may be reduced or even dropped. If you are convicted, you may still be able to have your record expunged, or erased. To learn more about how our DUI attorney in Hawthorne can help you with your DUI charges, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Almost every resident of Hawthorne who are charged for driving under the influence get worried about missing all the activities this city has to offer, including the fun and entertainment in their lives. It seems that nothing in this world can save the Hawthorne residents from the twinge of fear that grips them after seeing the flashing lights in their car’s rear window. The reason is obvious; the residents cherish the activities and wonderful experience of this city that they can never imagine living without them and the DUI charges are going to take away just that wholesome experience. Fortunately, you can still have all the fun by immediately engaging an experienced Hawthorne DUI attorney.

This will allow you to get out from the grip of fear and worries as to who will help you in effectively handling your charges before the court and visit the Hawthorne Historical Museum with some peace of mind. Your visit to the museum will let you relive and experience the last ninety years cultural legacies of Hawthorne. The memorabilia and photos of celebrities such as The Beach Boys, Marilyn Monroe and Sonny Bono will still be very enjoyable if you fail to understand the history and culture of Hawthorne.

DUI Attorneys HawthorneHowever, if history and culture really move you, you can also visit the Beach Boys State Historic Monument. The Beach Boys monument is located near the demolished original home of the Wilson family. The monument is the manifestation of the resident’s sense of pride, and it reminds them that their city produced one of the finest musicians in the world. The monument serves as the pilgrimage for ardent music lovers, and you can pay your homage to the Beach Boys for their contribution to music.

This is just the glimpse of what you can do during your stay in Hawthorne once you hire reliable DUI attorney for managing your DUI charges. Never commit the mistake of handling your criminal charges by yourself or relying on the public defender. Your private DUI attorney is the best option for regaining your life and freedom and going out without any fear of flashing lights on rear windows.

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