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Gardena DUI Attorney

Gardena DUI AttorneyEvery time that an individual gets behind the wheel, they are expected to abide by all the laws of the road that are in place to keep us all safe. Unfortunately, most drivers are going to receive some type of ticket at some point in their life and be forced to take a trip to the DMV, pay fines, or enroll in a traffic school. There is one charge that could forever change a driver’s life though, and that is a DUI. Without an experienced DUI attorney by one’s side, most drivers are going to walk out of the Gardena courthouse with a conviction that will affect every aspect of their life.

A DUI charge begins with the initial arrest in which many drivers may be unsure of where to turn, what their responsibilities are, and how to evade the penalties. The first thing that all individuals should remember is that there is only a small time frame in which they can contact the DMV to request a DMV administrative hearing and formalize their legal defense.

Without taking these two steps, most individuals are going to be subject to a wide range of DUI penalties including massive fines, increases to insurance premiums, informal probation, time in jail, and an immediate license suspension. The final costs for a single DUI could run a driver as much as $10,000 or more.

No matter how difficult your case may seem, there is no situation that is beyond repair. We have the expertise, time, and energy that is going to be required to build you a solid case in order to steer clear of these devastating penalties and move on with your life.

The state of California considers driving under the influence a serious crime, and they have instituted a number of serious penalties for those convicted of DUI offenses. Unfortunately for those individuals, a DUI carries both civil and criminal penalties and can also carry long-term ramifications that can complicate their personal and professional lives. If you have been arrested for a DUI, our DUI attorney in Gardena can help. The process of having your license suspended begins as soon as you are arrested for DUI. You will receive a Notice of Suspension, which allows you 10 days to contact the DMV to request an Administrative Hearing. Our Gardena DUI attorney can represent you at this hearing and assist you in contesting the suspension of your license or requesting a restricted license. Even though you may receive a reprieve on your license suspension through the DMV, the criminal penalties you are facing also include license suspension, as well as punitive fines, alcohol or drug offender’s programs, probation and jail time, or community service. The penalties for those facing a second or third DUI conviction are far more severe than for those facing a first conviction.

Whether you are facing your first DUI conviction or third, you need the assistance of our DUI lawyer in Gardena, who can represent you and fight for reduced or dropped charges or alternative sentencing arrangements.

A DUI conviction will remain on your record and can affect your educational, work, and even personal opportunities throughout your life. Fighting the charges you are facing with the help of our experienced Gardena DUI lawyer is the best opportunity you have to avoid this lifelong struggle against your past record. You do not have to face the uncertainty of DUI charges alone, nor do you have to simply plead guilty to DUI charges because you do not see any other alternative. Our DUI attorney in Gardena is here to help you and protect your rights. If you have been arrested for DUI, contact our DUI lawyer in Gardena today to schedule your consultation or to learn more about your options.

About Gardena

The residents of Gardena get the opportunity to enjoy countless activities with fun and entertainment. Gardena happens to be a very big city, and it equally supports a massive number of activities and professional service providers. Surprisingly, most of the activities of Gardena involve the entire community fostering good interpersonal relations among the members and an opportunity to find new friends.

However, if any unfortunate events lead to DUI charges, your community involvement is not only at stake, but you also face the impending consequences of criminal proceedings of DUI. If you decide to fight the charges on your own or get a public defender, you might be, in fact, inviting serious consequences on your own. You should always avoid any such decision that you might regret in the statutory confinement of county jail and hire a private DUI attorney to work out a strong defense strategy and successfully mitigate the DUI charges.

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When your DUI affairs are managed by private DUI attorneys, and you have no liabilities of defending your case before the court, you can get sufficient time to enjoy the local clubs with at least some peace of mind. Gardena has Masonic center, judo club and a host of other associations that provide the opportunity to find new friends and join with someone, but the Lions Club and Elks Club are very popular. When you are in Gardena, it’s sure that you are not going to be alone as long as you have time to mix with people. Therefore, it’s very important that your private DUI attorney manages your affairs related to DUI charges.

DUI Attorneys Gardena

The community provides you the options of joining any adult sports leagues and play basketball, softball or volleyball. You can spend your time as you wish. You can learn some lessons of martial arts or join tennis classes. All these options provide an opportunity to mix in the community and hang out with someone you like. However, if you have no time due to your engagement in DUI criminal proceedings, you are not going to enjoy any such wonderful moments in your life as long as the charges are successfully dealt with. Hire an experienced private DUI attorney to handle the DUI proceedings so that the charges don’t hold up your life during the proceedings.

Any circumstances leading to DUI charges don’t mean that you can have no social life. These charges create a detour in your life. You can hire private Gardena DUI attorney to shorten the detours created by the drunk driving charges. Your attorney will save your precious time during the proceedings so that you can have your social life.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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