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Last Updated on February 12, 2024 by DALA Staff Writer


DUI or driving under influence of alcohol and other intoxicating substances is a serious offense. A person who is convicted of the same is not only considered a negligent and irresponsible drunkard but also a criminal who endangers others lives.

Since many papers splash the names and photos of those charged under DUI, it is not possible to hide such arrests from the eyes and ears of friends, acquaintances, relatives, co-workers and employers.

Once these people come to know of your recent ‘adventure’, they not only look down upon you but also feel ashamed to even acknowledge your presence. This is the reason why many who are charged with DUI lose their jobs, sooner or later, either directly for this negligence or some pretext or the other.

People who are charged for this offense find it hard to get a job if this news is known by the company. Most interview application forms ask whether you have been arrested for any offense before. If you want to save yourself from the offense of misrepresentation and fraudulence, you have to state the truth. The truth is bitter and it will most probably cost you the job.

If this is an offense you committed when you were a teenager or an irresponsible youth but have changed ways since then, then try to convey this information to your potential employers. Exhibit the clean record you have after this foolish and embarrassing incident and the employers might accept you.

Of course, it is difficult to get across all this and a black mark is a black mark. This is the reason why you should always protect your public image. It is not only shameful and careless to have a DUI charge on your record; it is also irresponsible and downright criminal of you. So, take adequate precautions to prevent yourself from being arrested on such a charge.

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