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Malibu DUI LawyerMalibu may be one of the most iconic cities on the west coast, but locals are going to be no stranger to the hundreds of law enforcement units that scour the area for drunk drivers.  With DUI tickets being issued at record rates throughout the state, every driver should understand some of the laws behind these drastic charges.

Most drivers would like to believe that a DUI will not happen to them, but this can be a dangerous mistake to make.  With a .03% BAC more, anyone could be pulled over, arrested, and charged with a DUI or similar misdemeanor.  For many, a .03% BAC could be achieved in as little as one drink of alcohol.  Minors could receive this charge with any amount of alcohol in their system, or a .01% BAC or higher.

Once the charges have been made, individuals can expect thousands of dollars in fines, a trip to the county jail, a mark on their record, state-run sobriety programs, and a suspended license.  These penalties are stressful for many, but downright unmanageable for most.  When this charge takes place, it is time to call a traffic attorney that is going to produce results.

Before heading into the Malibu courthouse, drivers need to be sure that they have representation that has worked closely with the local legal system.  They need someone that is familiar with all of the local judges and law enforcement agencies and knows what strategies are going to work in each and every scenario.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, your first move should be to contact our DUI attorney in Malibu. You have just 10 days to act to request an Administrative Hearing with California’s DMV. Additionally, you will be facing either misdemeanor or felony criminal charges and will need competent, experienced representation.

A DUI charge can include driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, and illegal substances. If you have received more than one DUI or have received a DUI and you are a commercial driver, you may be facing even more serious consequences than the average driver. Multiple DUIs can result in your license being suspended for a minimum of a year, while a commercial driver may be at risk of losing his or her CDL and livelihood. You need the representation of our seasoned Malibu DUI lawyer to keep the situation from spiraling any more out of control than it may have already done.

A DUI arrest will result in the driver being taken into custody and chemical tests being taken. The driver may then be held in custody or released, either on his or her own recognizance or after posting bail. Bail is generally set based on the seriousness of the DUI offense. Our DUI lawyer in Malibu may be able to appear on your behalf at your arraignment if you have been charged with a misdemeanor. The arraignment is where you will enter your plea of either guilty or not guilty.

DUI sentences in California are some of the strictest in the United States. If you are convicted of driving under the influence, you may be facing the suspension of your license, punitive fines, mandatory alcohol education programs, or jail time. Our DUI attorney in Malibu will negotiate on your behalf so that you can receive the most appropriate sentence alternative and the best possible outcome for your situation. Sentencing alternatives might include electronic monitoring, community service, ignition interlocks, alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, victim impact programs, and house arrest. If you have been arrested for a DUI, you owe it to yourself to contact our Malibu DUI attorney today to learn more about your options.

About Malibu

Malibu is the most ideal destination for enjoying the exotic ambiance of pacific beaches and experience the fun and entertainments of Southern California. Malibu is one of the most popular beaches across the world. The shorelines of Malibu are very popular among the residents, but you have the choice of rather unique El Matador Beach that offers caves and rock formations on the waterfront. If high levels of adrenaline into the bloodstream drive the life-force in you, Surfrider Beach is perfect for you where you can face the challenges of mighty Pacific waves.

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The most popular places to visit during your stay at Malibu includes Malibu Lagoon Museum, Solstice Canyon, Adamson House and the Getty Village. You can participate in numerous outdoor activities besides enjoying creative arts, theater and museums. If you want to spend some solitary moments with your loved ones, walk long trails or the enjoy wildlife, you can visit one of the state parks or hire a boat to spend time on the lake.

DUI Attorneys MalibuThe close neighborhood of Los Angeles to Malibu provides the opportunities of fun and entertainment of big-city life. You can go shopping in the big city, visit glamour-laden Hollywood, enjoy exotic delicacies or take part in the thrilling nightlife. You can also get access highly skilled professionals such as the accountants, dentists, physicians, DUI attorneys, etc. within the Malibu town, adjoining areas or Los Angeles when you need them.

The feelings of romance, needs of nightlife thrill and addiction to high levels of adrenaline into the bloodstream significantly reduce your resistance against the intoxicating temptations of alcoholic beverages. DUI charges can lead to serious implications if you get carried away under any circumstances. The fun and entertainment of living at such a wonderful place may quickly vanish replacing persistent worries if you are arrested for drunk driving. You must know what to do if any unfortunate events lead to your arrest. Hiring an experienced private DUI attorney is your best option to get immediate help and support. Immediately contact us to engage highly knowledgeable DUI attorneys. Your prompt action will enable us to work out the most appropriate defense strategy, and it will be always in your favor to quickly plan your defenses. We have extensive experience of California DUI criminal proceedings and will ensure that you successfully mitigate your DUI charges.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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