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Westlake Village DUI Lawyer

Westlake Village DUI LawyerMost individuals that call Southern California home are going to receive a ticket while driving at some point in their life. Whether it is a speeding ticket or running through a red light, these charges are rarely going to involve more than a fine or even a trip to traffic school. When drivers find themselves under threat of DUI convictions, the story is often going to be quite different. These misdemeanors and felonies can take enormous amounts of time and energy in order to successfully navigate.

The state of California is continuing its trend of arresting and convicting drivers of DUIs at an alarming rate. Various agencies grant millions of dollars every single year into local law enforcement agencies in order to provide more saturation patrols and DUI checkpoints. This means that a driver is going to be under threat of a DUI every single time that they get behind the wheel.

When these drivers step out of the Westlake Village courthouse with a conviction, they are going to be in for overwhelming penalties that could forever change their life. Even the lightest of penalties for first-time offenders could exceed $10,000. Drivers that are under threat of receiving multiple convictions could be facing time in prison or the chance of permanently losing their license. There will also be years of informal probation, months of sobriety classes, and a blemish to one’s record that can never be overlooked.

With the assistance of one of our attorneys, drivers are going to be giving themselves the best chance at having their penalties and charges reduced or removed completely. We are proud to be able to build airtight cases with our familiarity on all local laws, courts, judges, and law enforcement agencies.

A DUI is not something you want on your driving record, and it is certainly not something you want on your criminal record. If you or someone you love has been arrested on DUI charges, our DUI attorney in Westlake Village can help. Time is often a critical aspect in DUI cases. At a DUI arrest, the arresting officer will provide you with a Notice of Suspension. This notice provides you permission to drive for the next 30 days, but it is also exactly what its name implies: a notice that your license will be suspended unless you take action. You have a mere 10 calendar days to contest the suspension. With the assistance of our Westlake Village DUI attorney, you can contest your license suspension or request that a restricted license be issued so that you can continue to drive to work.

You will also be facing a criminal case that is independent of your civil case. This case could lead to severe criminal penalties including jail time, probation, educational programs, community service, and fines or damages. You may be offered a plea deal, but talk to our DUI lawyer in Westlake Village before accepting it. Our Westlake Village DUI lawyer can represent you and ensure your interests are fully protected under the law.

Our DUI attorney in Westlake Village can also help aggressively defend you and fight for reduced or dropped charges. In some cases, alternative sentencing may be arranged, which can spare you from the more severe sentences generally associated with a DUI. If you are considering signing away your rights and pleading guilty, stop. Consider the lasting effects on your insurance rates, your credit record, your criminal record, and your life. Any future background checks will reveal your DUI conviction, which ultimately will, rightly or wrongly, reflect negatively on you and could affect your employment or educational opportunities. You owe it to yourself to fight back with the assistance of our DUI lawyer in Westlake Village. Protect your future with the help of our DUI attorney. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover your options.

About Westlake Village

The perfect example of a well-planned community, Westlake Village is home to some of the prominent industrial giants such as K-Swiss, JD Power and Associates, Valueclick and Dole Food Company, which happen to be one of the largest production companies across the world. The flourishing business makes the Westlake Village a very affluent community which is sustained by the industrial atmosphere. The community lies on the Los Angeles and Ventura county lines, and this close proximity to Ventura Highway makes Westlake Village an ideal location for people who drive to work.

Despite being planned community, the cultural heritage of Westlake Village dates back to some 3,000 years when the Chumash Native American tribe originally inhabited the land. The tribes are known to survive by gathering grains and acorns and hunting rabbits in the areas. The Europeans settlers arrived during the mid 1700s when Spanish missionaries reached the land and felt completely overwhelmed with the splendid landscape. The Europeans settled throughout the area, but the real development took place after 1850 when California became part of the Union.

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The spectacular sceneries and splendid landscape of Westlake Village make it an ideal location for TV shows and film productions. In fact, a large number of films such as Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Robin Hood, etc. and some episodes of Tarzan have used the beautiful outdoor ambiance of Westlake Village. This city is home to many entertainment celebrities and famous athletes such as Eddie Money, Hulk Hogan, Joe Montana, Martin Lawrence and Wayne Gretzky.

DUI Attorneys Westlake VillageThe rule of law ensures that the implications of drunk-driving charges remain the same regardless of your celebrity status or affluence. If you are found guilty of driving under the influence with more than 0.08 percent alcohol in your blood stream, you are going to face severe impending consequences of criminal DUI proceedings and can be subject to outright arrest. If that really happens to you, your best option for fighting back lies in hiring highly reliable Westlake Village DUI attorney who actually understands the California DUI criminal proceedings. Our knowledgeable team of Westlake Village DUI attorneys will start working on your case right from the moment you call us to gather sufficient evidence, including witness interviews for preparing the strongest possible defense against the charges. Your prompt action allows us to prepare a better defense in order to quickly restore your driving privileges and successfully handle the criminal proceedings so that you can mitigate the charges in your favor and get back your life and freedom.

If you are worried about the impending criminal DUI proceedings on getting charged for drunk driving, give us a call for discussing your case with us and let us explain how we can manage your case so that you can feel relieved of your worries.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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