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Many of the more minor traffic violations that drivers are inevitably going to receive at some point can be taken care of by a trip to the DMV, paying the fines, or even traffic school. DUIs, on the other hand, could lead to years of heartache and turmoil for those that attempt to take on these legal situations alone. We are built on the principle that every driver deserves expert legal defense and no one needs to step into the Maywood courthouse alone.

Government agencies throughout California have begun investing millions of dollars into law enforcement agencies in order to increase DUI arrests and convictions. For many drivers, this means that a drink with dinner or a poorly administered BAC could lead to ten years or longer of penalties.

Even first-time offenders are going to be responsible for $10,000 or more in increased insurance premiums, bail, court fines, DMV fees, tuition for sobriety classes, and other associated costs. On top of the financial penalties, there will be an immediate suspension of the license that could last for up to 10 years in the case of repeat offenders. Most convictions will also include years of informal probation and a serious blemish to one’s record.

These penalties could forever change a driver’s life, and that is why we believe that clients deserve an attorney that is going to take the time to set their case right. We are familiar with all local courts, laws, and judges and can build personalized cases accordingly.

Do not attempt to take on the legal system alone. We are only a phone call away and ready to fight for you, your record, and your finances.

A DUI arrest and conviction can have lasting consequences on your life. Not only will you face penalties and consequences immediately after your arrest and conviction, but you will also be left with a criminal record that will continue to haunt you for years to come. Fight back with the assistance of our DUI attorney in Maywood. California has strict guidelines regarding driving under the influence. You may be facing arrest if you are:

  • Driving with a BAC of 0.08 percent or above
  • Driving with a BAC of 0.01 percent or above if you are under the age of 21
  • Driving with a BAC of 0.04 percent or above if you are a commercial driver
  • Driving under the influence of illegal drugs
  • Driving under the influence of certain prescription or over-the-counter medications

Although a DUI arrest can be a very humbling and lonely experience, you are not alone. Our Maywood DUI attorney is on your side and can help.

The California DMV will immediately begin the process of suspending your driver’s license unless you request an Administrative Hearing. Our DUI lawyer in Maywood can represent you and fight against your license suspension or request that you be granted a restricted license so that you can get to and from your workplace. Our Maywood DUI lawyer can also represent you at your criminal proceedings, where you may be facing such severe penalties as license suspension or revocation, fines and damages, jail time and probation, mandatory educational programs, and community service.

Our DUI attorney in Maywood will work towards having your charges reduced or dropped and fight for alternative sentencing arrangements. It is our job to help you get your life back on track as quickly as possible, without the kind of lasting repercussions that can result from a DUI conviction. Although a DUI arrest can leave you feeling embarrassed and alone, you are not alone. Our DUI lawyer in Maywood can help. Call us today to learn more about your options or to schedule your consultation.

About Maywood

Maywood provides a very close proximity to Los Angeles and you can reach the big city within minutes. The close neighborhood of the big city greatly boosts your opportunity to engage in almost any activity and enjoy all the fun and entertainment you can afford in your life. You can enjoy the delicacies of exotic foods, go on shopping extravaganza, get immersed into the glamorous world of Rodeo Drive and Hollywood, visit the Walk of Fame or enjoy the thrills of Los Angeles nightlife. If the seashore boosts your spirit, beaches are also not very far away, and you can engage in any luxuries of sensuous beach ambiance, including surfing, water sports and sunbaths during your stay at Maywood.

Roxy Theater is known for different styles of soul touching music that is regularly played, and you can experience an instant elevation of your spirits if you visit the theater. Maywood Riverfront Park is the perfect destination if the tranquility of nature and outdoor’s greenery lifts your moods. The park provides you many outdoor activities such as playing tennis or handball games with friends or family, strolling down the trails, get immersed with the nature and watch birds and many others. The recreation department of Maywood is known for its parks and other sporting venues where children and adults can equally participate in their favorite sporting events. You will also appreciate the dining options that allow you to enjoy authentic delicacies of Mexican to American cuisines during your stay at Maywood.

DUI Attorneys MaywoodYou don’t have to face any concerns for shopping or professional services as the big brother LA is out there at a few minute distance. However, Maywood offers the equally strong support system with shopping options, and the community is home to highly skilled professional like health care service providers, engineers and attorneys to cater the routine needs of the residents.

Talk to our Serious Maywood DUI Attorney to Handle Your Drunk Driving Case

You must be fully aware about the California State legislation and abide by the rules and regulations while residing in Maywood. For instance, you should never drive your vehicle after drinking sufficient quantities of alcoholic beverages that raise your blood-alcohol levels beyond permissible limits. You are going to face serious implications on being charged for drunk driving, which might include statutory fines and confinements in County jail that sticks to your personal records for a long time. Your access to the highly experienced attorneys can minimize the impending consequences of DUI charges on any unfortunate events that lead to your arrest. Promptly hiring a reliable and professional DUI attorney is the best option for successfully mitigating the charges of driving under the influence.

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