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San Marino DUI Attorney

San Marino DUI AttorneyAnyone that is being faced with a DUI should not take a step into the San Marino courthouse alone.  These overwhelming legal ordeals can quickly turn into a hassle that no driver is going to be able to navigate without the assistance of an experienced traffic attorney. The moment that the handcuffs go on or the driver is placed into a cell, they may feel as if their situation is already hopeless.  Luckily, all drivers are innocent until proven guilty, and that is why we are here to help.  It is important to follow a very specific series of steps in order for one of these situations to take place as quickly and easily as possible.  Drivers have only 10 days to formalize their legal representation and request a DMV hearing in order to understand their exact charges and keep their license from being initially suspended.

If a conviction does take place, even first-time offenders may not be able to manage the severe penalties.  California has become exceedingly diligent at pushing for maximum penalties for all DUI cases, and this can result in court fines that are over $1,000.  On top of the base fines, there is going to be DMV fees, tuition for sobriety classes, and increased insurance premiums that are going to cost $10,000 or more for 10 years or longer.  Drivers can also expect to have their license immediately suspended and be placed on probation for 3 to 5 years. We have created a team of traffic attorneys that are familiar with all local judges, courthouses, and laws and are ready to put the time and energy necessary in order to build you a perfect case.

A DUI in California carries significant criminal and civil penalties. If you have been arrested for a DUI in California, you may be tempted to sign a plea agreement. By doing so, however, you may be leaving yourself open to lifelong consequences. Our DUI attorney in San Marino can help you determine the best options for your unique situation.

Many DUI arrests are based on the often-spurious results of field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests are frequently performed incorrectly and can indicate false positives. Our San Marino DUI attorney is skilled in re-assessing the results of these tests as well as chemical tests to determine if any error or inconsistency exists.

Chemical tests may also result in a DUI arrest. Because a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or above is above the per se, or legal, limit, you will be arrested if the results of your breath or blood test indicate your BAC is 0.08 percent or more. Even chemical tests can fail, however, and our DUI lawyer in San Marino can represent you throughout your criminal proceedings. Our San Marino DUI lawyer can also represent you at your civil hearing with the DMV, where you will have the opportunity to contest your license suspension. You have 10 calendar days from the day of your arrest to request an Administrative Hearing. Our DUI attorney in San Marino will fight your license suspension for you or work towards obtaining a restricted license issued to you so that you will continue to be able to drive to and from work.

Penalties you may be facing due to a DUI conviction include jail time, fees, court-ordered drug and alcohol offender’s classes, and probation or community service. The consequences of your conviction can spill over into your personal life, too, with increased insurance rates and a criminal record that may affect where you go to school, where you work, and even where you live. Don’t simply sign away your rights by pleading guilty without fighting your DUI charges. Contact our DUI lawyer in San Marino and learn more about your options today.

About San Marino

The topographic features of the San Rafael Hills provide stunning landscape and breathtaking sceneries to the residents of San Marino. This is a relatively small town in close proximity to Los Angeles, but the activities supported by the community and nearby attractions make it a great place to live. San Marino is full of parks that support the natural surroundings of the San Rafael Hills with well maintained recreational facilities, walking tracks and playgrounds that make them perfect picnic venues. The Huntington Library is very popular among the residents of San Marino. The library holds the collections of creative art and design from local artists of California and features the local flora by maintaining a botanical garden.

Law Practice with a San Marino DUI Attorney

The close proximity of Los Angeles allows you to enjoy additional avenues of fun and entertainment. You can drive to Los Angeles within a few minutes from San Marino and take part in your favorite activities such as exotic cuisines and comfortable shopping experience. You can visit Hollywood and enjoy the famous sites of this glamorous city. The thrill of night life may specifically attract you for night outs to Los Angeles. The feeling of romance, sensuous ambiance, thrilling moments and many other emotional outbursts or mood swings create rebounding compulsive temptation for alcoholic beverages, and you may lose your sense of control during such night outs. You should be very careful to keep away from alcohol or use alternative transport to avoid any chances of your arrest on DUI charges while driving back home.

DUI Attorneys San MarinoThe community organizes free concerts at the Levitt Pavilion of San Marino on weekends during the summer. You can enjoy most of the concerts with family and experience some great music.

San Marino offers you to completely enjoy your freedom as long as you don’t suffer any delusion of extension to your freedom beyond the California State laws. You have to abide by the California State rules particularly related to drunk driving because the sensuous outdoor ambiance and other emotional mood swings reinforce the irresistible temptation to alcoholic beverages. Under those moments when you lose control, you may not even realize that you have consumed alcohol beyond the permissible limits. Your failure in defending criminal proceedings of DUI charges can lead to statutory confinements in jail and permanent criminal records. We will provide complete support to you right from your arrest until the successful mitigation of all the charges.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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