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South Pasadena DUI AttorneyThe moment that an individual gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are expected to abide by all of the laws and traffic codes that have been put in place to keep society running safely and smoothly. At some point though, most drivers are going to receive a traffic ticket and going to need the services of a traffic attorney. These situations can often be navigated by paying fines on time or enrolling in a traffic school. Unfortunately, when the charge is a DUI, drivers are going to need to act immediately to protect themselves, their driving privileges, and their finances.

A DUI is unlike almost any other ticket that can be issued behind the wheel and could quickly spiral out of control. Individuals that step into the South Pasadena courthouse alone will be looking at serious consequences that will forever change their lives.For a first-time offender, the fines coming from the DMV and courthouse could quickly exceed $1000. These costs may seem minor until the driver receives their next car insurance bill. If they are not immediately dropped from their policy, drivers can expect their insurance rates to triple or quadruple over the course of ten years. On top of these staggering costs, there will also be an immediate license suspension, 3 to 5 years of informal probation, and hundreds of hours spent in a state-approved sobriety program. We maintain a network of experienced traffic attorneys that operate throughout all counties in Southern California. We are familiar with all local judges, courts, and law enforcement agencies and know what tactics can be used to get your charges reduced or completely removed.

Do not attempt to take on the legal system alone after being charged with a DUI. Contact our law offices today and get the legal representation that you deserve.If you are facing DUI charges in California, you need our DUI attorney in South Pasadena, who is experienced and can guide you through the complexities of California DUI law. Many who are facing DUI charges simply plead guilty, but the fact is that you have the right to defend yourself against those charges. In fact, defending yourself is your single best opportunity to keep your record clean. Not every attorney is experienced in defending DUI cases. That is why you need an attorney who focuses on DUI law. Our seasoned South Pasadena DUI attorney can make you aware of your rights and options throughout the legal process and defend you against the charges you are facing.

A first-time DUI conviction can lead to penalties ranging from heavy fines and license suspensions to jail time and mandatory alcohol offender’s programs. You may struggle with locating affordable auto insurance, and your professional license may be at risk. Our DUI lawyer in South Pasadena has the kind of knowledge you can trust to help you get your life back on track after a DUI arrest.

All drivers must maintain blood alcohol concentrations below 0.08 percent. Drivers under the age of 21 must have no measurable alcohol in their blood. Additionally, driving with illegal or certain prescription or over-the-counter medications in your system can also result in DUI charges.

Commercial drivers are held to higher standards on the road, and they will face more severe penalties if convicted of DUIs. If they are stopped with a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, of 0.04 percent or above, they may be immediately arrested, and their commercial driver’s license is at risk of suspension or revocation. Our DUI attorney in South Pasadena can help both private and commercial drivers who have been arrested for DUIs. Our South Pasadena DUI lawyer has extensive experience defending DUI cases and is well established in the field. When you call, we will provide you with the personal attention you deserve, represent you appropriately, and enable you to move on with your life. If you are facing DUI charges, contact our DUI lawyer in South Pasadena today to find out your options or to schedule your consultation.

About South Pasadena

South Pasadena used to be part of Pasadena, but the citizens voted for independence in 1888 to take control of their land and resources. So, since that move to independence, South Pasadena enjoys the status of full-fledged city. Obviously, South Pasadena is located between Los Angeles and Pasadena.

The identity of South Pasadena is not merely confined to being part of Pasadena and voting for independence. The city’s origin has a very rich history with quite an independent cultural legacy. The Native American tribe Hahamong-ha is considered as the original inhabitants of the area known as South Pasadena. The Hahamong-ha tribe inhabited the area as the undisputed masters of the land for thousands of years until 1771 when Spanish missionaries were opened for the first time. Small population of Hahamong-ha Native Americans still survives to date in the region. With more European settlers inhabiting the area, the population gradually increased and South Pasadena emerged as the first suburban area of Los Angeles.

DUI Attorneys South PasadenaThe modern community of South Pasadena has distinct yet vibrant cultural traditions. The residents have access to many antique and special shops down the Mission Street. You should not miss the treat at Buster’s Coffee House during your stay in South Pasadena. The residents have access to the farmer’s market between 4 to 8 PM on each Thursday where they can get fresh and delicious local food items. The Saturday nights are specially for music lovers who can get free concerts at Garfield Park during summer. The Park offers a wonderful venue for relaxing and enjoying a picnic amid the pleasant weather of the city. If you happen to reside in South Pasadena, just don’t miss your picnic baskets on weekends.

Actions to Abide by When You

Require a South Pasadena DUI Attorney

Regardless of the cosmopolitan nature and vibrant cultural traditions, the city is not going to tolerate irresponsible behavior on the road. If your mood swings or emotional charges create undying thrust for alcoholic beverages, and you lose all your controls, make sure that you don’t get behind the wheels. If you are arrested on the charges of drunk driving, you will immediately need the support from experienced DUI attorneys. Your prompt action will allow the team of our professional and experienced attorneys to collect sufficient evidence and formulate strong representation and defense before the court so that you can successfully defend any curtailments to your driving privileges or freedom. If you have been charged for DUI in South Pasadena, get a free consultation from our DUI attorneys and allow us to explain how we can help you in regaining your freedom and life.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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