Charged with a DUI in Los Angeles?

If you have recently been pulled over and then charged with a DUI in or maybe near Los Angeles, then chances are you have plenty to worry about without needing to go through a long, sometimes nerve-racking, process of discovering the right DUI attorney to assist and defend you in court. Where can you go […]

Don’t Drink And Drive Posters

Introduction Drinking and driving is a nationwide problem that results in thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States are arrested for drunk driving. In 2010, over 1700 people in California died due to alcohol and/or drugs. Additionally, almost 200,000 people were arrested for DUI […]

Public Intoxication… Not So Black And White

Unlike the legal limit for drinking and driving, the line between public intoxication and sobriety is a lot blurrier than most people realize, both for the offenders and law enforcement. First of all, there is no legal limit for public intoxication. The limitations for operating a vehicle after drinking are concise: anything above .08 will […]

States are Forced into Enacting DUI Laws or Else Risk Losing Funding

States are Forced into Enacting DUI Laws or Else Risk Losing Funding

In the United States, laws are made based on the need for these laws and how effective they will be in improving safety or reducing crime, right?  Not with driving under the influence and other alcohol-related laws. With the influence of MADD and politicians who are trying to win elections, the states are often strong-armed […]

DUI Laws in Utah

  The state of Utah, especially in the Salt Lake City area, has seen a dramatic increase in the number of DUI arrest involving alcohol and drug abuse. This has prompted Utah Highway patrol to launch an aggressive campaign that they use to both educate Utah drivers about the dangers of drunk driving and the […]

DUI Laws in Alabama

  Similar to the other states in the US, Alabama is also quite stringent about the DUI laws and it can result in criminal case as well as Department of Public Safety driver license case. All DUI arrests in Alabama leads to two types of cases and you will have only 10 days to contact […]