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DUI Laws in Connecticut

Driving a motor vehicle is considered a privilege in Connecticut, and under Connecticut’s Implied Consent Law, anyone who drives a motor vehicle has given their permission to a test to determine their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). DUI in Connecticut In Connecticut, any person who operates a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol or under the influence […]

Controversial DUI Laws in New York

  DUI is considered to be a nationwide problem with almost 12,000 people dying due to various drunken driving crashes last year with one fatality every 45 minutes. The New York state recently established one the toughest DUI laws in the country. This was enacted after a couple of devastating accidents. The new DUI bill […]

DUI Laws in Arizona

  DUI simply means (Driving under the influence) in Arizona. The law is precisely very strict and has severe penalties to impose on those who are convicted of it. DUI is based upon an individual’s BAC (Blood alcohol concentration). BAC is a limit that is set in every state which if exceeded will lead a […]

DUI Laws in Wisconsin

  Wisconsin driving under the influence laws forbids anyone driving a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol, drugs (legal or otherwise), or anything that would impair your ability to control a motor vehicle in a acceptable manner without causing a hazard to others or yourself. Limit On Level Of Intoxicates In Ones System Wisconsin law also […]

Getting job after convicted of DUI

  DUI or driving under influence of alcohol and other intoxicating substances is a serious offense. A person who is convicted of the same is not only considered a negligent and irresponsible drunkard but also a criminal who endangers others lives. Since many papers splash the names and photos of those charged under DUI, it […]

DUI Law and DUI Attorney in Seattle

A DUI Attorney has to be hired in Seattle as DUI (Driving under the influence) in Seattle is a crime that carries tough penalties. DUI in Seattle is considered a charge when the driver of a vehicle is driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol or is found having BAC (Blood alcohol content) of 0.08% or […]

What is Implied Consent?

All drivers in California suspected of DUI are subject to the “implied consent” law once taken into custody. That law, found in Vehicle Code section 23612, provides that the police may take a sample of an arrested driver’s blood, breath or urine to test for blood alcohol content without asking permission. Why Implied Consent? Each […]