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Whittier DUI Lawyer

Whittier DUI LawyerGoing through a DUI arrest and charge can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for those that have never experienced that type of situation before.  Once the handcuffs go on, many drivers are unsure if they said or did something wrong that could lead to a conviction, what is going to happen next, and how a conviction is going affect their life.

This uncertainty will most likely lead to anxiety, but DUI convictions are never be anything to take lightly.  California has become notorious for pushing maximum sentences on even first time offenders.  For those that are looking at multiple DUI convictions within a ten year period, the consequences are going to be even worse.When these charges are on a local level, drivers are going to need a local legal representative that is going to get them the results that they need.  We are prepared to take on your case and step into the Whittier courthouse with you.

Once the charges have been placed, many drivers lose hope in their situation.  With an experienced DUI attorney by your side, there is no case that is beyond repair.  DUI cases are notoriously complex and there are countless tactics that our team of legal specialists have at their disposal to reduce or remove all penalties.

For those that decide to plead guilty, a closer look should be taken at some of the staggering consequences of this charge.  Most analysts put the final costs near $15,000 after all has been said and done.  Drivers are also going to be looking at a minimum 4 month suspension of their license, months of a state-run sobriety program, and a possible stint in jail.

No matter what your case is looking like, you have a right to the best legal defense in the State of California.  Contact us today and start on the journey to restoring your license and your record.

Whittier DUI Lawyer

Whether you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony DUI, it is essential that you first contact our DUI attorney in Whittier. You may have been arrested during a routine traffic stop, due to probable cause, or because the police officer personally witnessed driving behavior commonly associated with DUI, or driving under the influence.

In California, a person is considered intoxicated when his or her BAC, or blood alcohol level, is 0.08 percent or above. Commercial drivers must have a BAC below 0.04 percent, and drivers who are under the age of 21 must have a BAC below 0.01 percent. Because BAC may be measured more than one way and long after the time of your arrest, our Whittier DUI attorney can help by knowing the details of your arrest and using them to build a defense for you.

The penalties for a DUI in California can be severe. You may be facing license suspension or revocation. If you have a professional license, it may be at risk. Points will be assessed against your license, which may increase your insurance rates or cause you to be dropped by your insurance provider. Sentences may include punitive fines, mandatory alcohol education classes, and probation or incarceration. Our DUI lawyer in Whittier will work to have the charges or sentence reduced so that your life can return to normal as quickly as possible.

A DUI conviction will remain on your criminal record indefinitely. It will continue to show up on future background checks, including those run by credit agencies, potential landlords and employers, the military and government agencies, and others. The best way to keep your record from being damaged by a DUI conviction is to fight back with the assistance of our Whittier DUI lawyer.

The consequences of a DUI may go beyond civil and criminal penalties. Your personal and professional life may suffer after a DUI conviction. Defending yourself against the charges with the assistance of our DUI lawyer in Whittier grants you the opportunity of a more positive outcome. If you or your loved one has been arrested for driving under the influence, you owe it to yourself to contact our DUI attorney in Whittier today.

About Whittier

The school of arts founded by the Religious Society of Friends in 1887 provides the identity to Whittier city. The school is credited to produce great men like Richard Nixon, Wayne Grisham, George Outland, and holds its name after John Greenleaf Whittier. The city emerged when population substantially grew around the university.

Whittier DUI Lawyer Defense in the Greater Los Angeles Area

The history of Whittier can be traced back to early 1700s when Spaniard Manuel Nieto founded the city. He actually received the land as the grant from the Mexican government for promoting settlement in California in lieu of his military services. The city made no significant progress until 1887 when Whittier College was established and the town was linked with railroad lines.

However, the real growth and development of Whittier only took place after the Second World War when Southern California faced housing shortages due to the returning soldiers. The population of the city quickly reached 80,000 people and remains stationary at this level even today.

The city has been used for making some of the popular TV shows and movies such as Ali, Hocus Pocus, The Wonder Years and the Terminator 3. President Richard Nixon was also put to rest here to peace and eternity.

DUI Attorneys WhittierThe State laws of California apply in Whittier as well, and the community will not tolerate drunk driving despite being very nice and compassionate community. If you are found driving under the influence with blood-alcohol percentage exceeding permissible limits, you will certainly be charged for DUI and can be arrested as well. If that ever happens, the best chances of successfully defending against the charges rest with the help and support from an experienced DUI attorney. You should promptly hire an experienced DUI attorney who can strongly represent you before the court to successfully defend you against the charges. You always have a better chance of defending yourself with the help and support from a professional DUI attorney and therefore, you should use the services of the professional who actually knows how to protect your freedom.

If you face the serious consequences of DUI criminal proceedings, just contact our Whittier DUI attorneys to discuss your case and allow us to explain how we are going to manage your criminal proceedings until the charges are successfully mitigated in your favor. The moment you will engage us our knowledgeable attorneys will start working on your case by collecting evidence to counter the charges and formulate the most appropriate defense strategy in your case.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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