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Hidden Hills DUI AttorneyCalifornia has become the flagship state for arresting and convicting drivers of DUI’s on a scale that has never been seen before.  Grants for tens of millions of dollars continue to be offered by the California Office of Traffic Safety in order to increase saturation patrols, checkpoints, and the subsequent arrests.  In turn, judges are pushing for maximum penalties, even on first-time offenders.

Drivers that would like to walk out of the Hidden Hills courthouse without a conviction are going to need to stick to a very strict series of steps immediately after their arrest.  This begins by contacting our law firm in order to formalize one’s legal representation as well as make a call to the DMV to schedule an administrative hearing.  This hearing is exceedingly important as it is the time in which the full range of charges and the information surrounding the arrest is given.

Anyone that would like to plead guilty or decides to represent themselves may be looking at severe penalties that could follow them for the rest of their life.  Even first-time offenders may be looking at financial obligations that can exceed $10,000 or more when all is said and done.  This includes DMV fees, court fines, impound costs, and huge increases to insurance premiums.  There is also going to be a license suspension that can last for as long as 10 years, informal probation, and the potential for time in jail.

If these penalties are something that you wish to avoid, our team of attorneys is here for you.  We are familiar with all local judges, laws, and courthouses and have the ability to build an unbeatable case that will allow you to get on with your life.

Many DUI arrests occur late at night when people are already tired, and they may not be thinking clearly. Often, their primary goal is just to get home. Cooperating with every request a police officer makes may seem to be the best way to accomplish that goal. Unfortunately, for many people, those roadside sobriety tests and other non-mandatory aspects of a DUI stop can often lead to a DUI arrest. Our Hidden Hills DUI attorney regularly hears stories just like these, and we can help. A DUI arrest can be an extremely embarrassing experience, but what comes after that arrest is what scars many for life. The DMV will immediately begin the process of suspending your license, but you have the right to contest this.

Our DUI attorney in Hidden Hills can represent you at the DMV’s Administrative Hearing, which you must request within 10 days of your arrest. If you fail to request a hearing, your license will be automatically suspended for four months. A suspended license is not the only consequence or even the worst consequence associated with a DUI conviction. You may be facing fines, mandatory offenders’ programs, jail time, and probation. The consequences are lasting, as your conviction is placed on your criminal record. There it will be accessible through criminal background checks to creditors, employers, educators, and government entities. The best chance you have of getting your life back with as few scars as possible is fight the charges. Our DUI lawyer in Hidden Hills can help. Our Hidden Hills DUI lawyer can represent you from your first civil hearing at the DMV to your criminal proceedings. We will fight to have your charges dropped or reduced. If you are convicted, our DUI attorney in Hidden Hills can argue for reduced or alternative sentencing arrangements that can help you move your life back in a more positive direction. It doesn’t matter if you are facing your first DUI conviction or your third, if you are a commercial driver or not, or even if you are under 21. Our DUI lawyer in Hidden Hills will fight to protect your rights.

About Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills hosts a community with less than 2,000 residents, and if you are lucky to reside in Hidden Hills, you can understand the caring and sharing among the members like a big family. Mostly, people not only know the faces of each other but actually engage in wholesome conversation during the events. The members of the community are, in fact, like extended family members, and the residents can count on others in hours of need.

The numerous events right from the annual parades to weekly barbeques can be seen as the manifestation of the sentimental and emotional bonds of this close community. You can never be a stranger in Hidden Hills with so many parties, theater program for children, carnivals, and many more.

Even if you ignore the events and activities, you still cannot remain a stranger during your stay in the close community of Hidden Hills. The town greets every neighbor when they arrive to show their willingness to encompass everybody into the emotional bond and mutual care as part of the community. This ensures that they are more comfortable with one another when they meet during the barbeque or parties.

California Law Firm with a Hidden Hills DUI Attorney

As the resident of Hidden Hills, you have the advantage of reliable DUI attorneys who also share the same bond as part of the community. You can hire your local DUI attorney anytime if you get charged for drunk driving and need help and support. You don’t even have to visit their office and can immediately engage highly experienced DUI attorneys to work on your case by just making a phone call.

DUI Attorneys Hidden HillsIf you are residing in any close-knit community like Hidden Hills, you cannot afford to lose your social credibility and stigmatized as a careless person. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to hire reliable DUI attorneys to strongly defend your DUI charges and successfully settle or mitigate them to continue enjoying those exotic barbecue events and exciting parties. When highly experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorneys are on your side, you won’t lose even a single moment of rejoicing in your life.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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