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Industry DUI Attorney

Industry DUI AttorneyRight along with the rest of California, Industry law enforcement agencies, the local government, and courthouses are pushing for the highest DUI conviction rates that have ever been recorded.  This means that countless drivers are being pulled over and taken to jail every single week.  If you or someone know has recently been charged with this crime and is under threat of a conviction, it is time to call a local lawyer.

The first time that a driver receives a DUI, it can be a terrifying experience.  Individuals will be subject to a battery of field and chemical sobriety tests, handcuffed, taken into custody, and unsure of where to turn.  That first phone call may get you out of custody with a hefty bail, but the real headache is only just beginning.

A DUI conviction is going to lead to huge fines, court fees, a suspended license, a state-run sobriety program, and a stint in jail. Those that do end up receiving these charges can also expect to have huge increases in their insurance rates and a strike to their driving and criminal record that will immediately exclude them from countless jobs, schooling options, and even housing loans.

Our clients can walk into the Courthouse for DUI offenses in Industry with confidence that they are receiving the best representation that California has to offer.

When it comes to finding the most effective legal representation available, the answer is always going to be local.If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, your first step should be contacting an experienced DUI attorney in Industry. You need representation to help you proceed with confidence through the civil process and criminal justice system and fight the charges against you.Any driver with a blood alcohol level of 0.03 percent or above may be at risk of being charged with driving under the influence. If you are under 21 allowable blood alcohol levels are much lower at just 0.01 percent. If your blood alcohol level is 0.08 percent or above, you may also be charged with a DWI, or driving while intoxicated.If you have been stopped for a DUI or DWI, you need a seasoned Industry DUI attorney on your side, someone who knows the law and can help you contest your license suspension.

You only have 10 calendar days from the date of your arrest to arrange for an Administrative Hearing. The arresting officer should have provided you with a Notice of Suspension at the time of your arrest, which allows you to drive for 30 days, but if you do not request your Administrative Hearing, your license will be suspended automatically at the end of this period. Our DUI lawyer in Industry can help you through this procedure and represent you at your Administrative Hearing.

Our Industry DUI lawyer will guide you through the laws pertaining to DUI civil and criminal procedures so that you will know what to expect. Charges that frequently arise from a DUI arrest include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving with a blood alcohol level above 0.08 percent. You may plead guilty to one or both charges, or our DUI attorney in Industry can help you fight for a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

California DUI penalties can range from a four month or longer suspension of your license and punitive fines to alcohol educational programs, license revocation, or jail time.To learn about the options you may have after you have been charged with a DUI, contact our DUI lawyer in Industry today.

About Industry

Bearing true to its name, Industry is the center of commercial activity hosting more than 2,500 businesses with over 80,000 employees. Industry is home to highly professional people who have achieved success in almost every field of life.

Highly reputed and reliable DUI attorneys belong to one such professional service providers who help and support the residents when they get charged for DUI under any unfortunate circumstances. The attorneys hold extensive knowledge about California DUI jurisprudence and work out every possible strategy to successfully settle or mitigate the DUI charges of their clients.

Stop by our Legal Office to consult with a Industry DUI Attorney

The DUI attorneys extend their help and support to Industry residents when they get charged for driving under the influence. However, If you don’t face any DUI charges, or your charges are being handled by your private DUI lawyer, the city offers many attractions where you can spend time for being the lucky resident of Industry. For example, Homestead Museum is not an ordinary museum. It treasures the cultural heritage of the Los Angeles region, incorporating several structures over an area of six acres.

DUI Attorneys IndustryYou can visit the Industry Hills Golf Club which is extremely popular sporting arena of the residents. Recent renovations of the course have made it more exciting than ever with the same spectacular landscape as the views have not been changed since it the Golf course was created.

Industry is full of activities, but it also provides the option of visiting nearby places for additional fun. Los Angeles downtown is just 25 minutes drive away while Knott’s Berry Farm takes 30 minutes. Your adventure is not limited to only downtown Los Angeles or Knott’s Berry Farm, in fact, there are lots more places near the city where you can you can visit and have fun.

However, the fun and freedom of your life depend on how you manage the criminal proceedings if you are charged for drunk driving. You should understand the severity of criminal consequences and immediately hire an experienced DUI attorney to manage your case. Their expertise in DUI criminal proceedings will ensure a strong defense strategy, and you will successfully eliminate or mitigate the consequences.

If you are charged for DUI and fail to successfully defend the charges, you will certainly miss the fun and activities Industry and adjoining areas have to offer. Whether you feel contended by enjoying the activities within Industry or head towards downtown Los Angeles for more rebound pleasures, clearing your DUI charges is the only way out to enjoy life with full freedom.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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