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West Covina DUI AttorneyMost drivers are taught the basics of DUI and DWI laws within California, but things become dramatically different once the handcuffs go on and an individual is placed in the back of a squad car.  Those first few hours or days after this charge has been placed can be a confusing and tense period.  Drivers might not understand what exactly they did wrong, if they incriminated themselves, if they are going to lose their license, or how they are going to pay the colossal fines.  If you have recently received a DUI in West Covina, it is time to make a call to a local attorney that is going to get you the results that you need.

More time and money than ever is being devoted to DUI arrests.  From saturation patrols to DUI checkpoints, all it takes is a single drink at dinner or a momentary lapse in judgment for someone to be facing the one of the most complicated legal battles of their life.  These traffic misdemeanors are unlike any other charge as they can dramatically affect every facet of a driver’s life, even for one-time offenders.

For drivers that walk out of the West Covina courthouse with a conviction, they are going to be looking at months of a state-sponsored sobriety program, an immediate license suspension, a major blow to their driving record, and unbearable fines.  After being charged with a DUI, many drivers feel hopeless and helpless, but there is no case that is ever beyond repair.

West Covina DUI Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI in California, our DUI attorney in West Covina can help. California’s laws surrounding DUI, or driving under the influence, are complex, and penalties for both misdemeanor and felony DUIs are harsh. You may be facing punitive fines, alcohol assessment and educational programs for alcohol offenders, the suspension or revocation of your license, probation or community service, and incarceration. That is why it is crucial that you contact our DUI lawyer in West Covina as soon as possible so that you have the representation you need throughout this often-confusing process.

Driving under the influence in California may apply to any of the following:

  • Driving with a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, 0.08 percent or above
  • Driving with a BAC above 0.04 percent if you are a commercial driver
  • Driving with a BAC above 0.01 percent if you are under 21
  • Driving with any measurable alcohol in your bloodstream that impairs your ability to drive
  • Driving under the influence of any illegal or some prescription or over-the-counter drugs

Our West Covina DUI attorney can help you better understand your options so that you can make the decisions that are best for your situation.

As soon as you are arrested on DUI charges, your driver’s license will be confiscated and you will be served with a Notice of Suspension, which provides you with permission to drive for 30 days. You have the right to request an Administrative Hearing within 10 days of receiving your Notice of Suspension. A West Covina DUI lawyer can represent you at this hearing and help you contest your license suspension. A DUI attorney in West Covina can also represent you at any criminal proceedings you may be facing. You may be able to plead to reduced charges or have the charges against you dismissed, or you may go to trial, where witnesses may be called and evidence presented in your defense. A DUI lawyer in West Covina can be a powerful ally to you during this time in your life. Call today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

About West Covina

The community of West Covina mainly consist of middle-class families belonging to one of the largest cities of Los Angeles County. The city thrives within the suburban areas of Los Angeles being located just 18 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. The returning soldiers from World War II chose to settle in West Covina significantly raising its population. Within a decade (1950-60), the population of West Covina increased to 50,000 from just 1,000, growing by almost 1,000 percent.

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The current population of West Covina cross 100,000 residents but the city has geared up with massive construction rampage to develop West Covina as the most ideal place to live. This will not only retain its current residents but also attract people across the state. The West Covina Sports Complex is one of the dream projects, which is undergoing in full swing. The project includes one of the largest sporting arenas in the United States along with massive commercial buildings. The proposed sporting complex will include indoor soccer field, ice-skating rink, batting cages, six baseball fields similar to Major League ballparks, 18-hole golf course and almost 43 acres of commercial space. This construction project has created many jobs for the residents and expected to sustain their earning opportunities in the future as well.

DUI Attorneys West CovinaThere are many shopping venues and commercial areas in and this sports complex when completed will perfectly complement the resident’s shopping experience. West Covina is emerging as the shopper’s dream city with 18 fully functional malls and upcoming commercial space within the sport complex. So, if you are a lucky resident of West Covina, you are assured for a nice retail therapy.

Sometimes, you may feel to add up some spice to your shopping experience by having a few glasses of wine, particularly while enjoying the exotic delicacies during the launch. Right from the company of your friend to the courtesy of your favorite shop owner, there may be numerous occasions when you may be obliged to take a few sips that can add up to significantly increase your blood-alcohol levels. You should be careful not to ignore the California State DUI laws even if you feel perfectly fine. Getting caught driving under the influence with 0.08 percent blood alcohol can lead to severe impending consequences of criminal DUI proceedings. However, if you get charged for DUI under any unfortunate event, you are going to need highly experienced West Covina DUI attorney to help and support you in defending against the charges. Our team of highly knowledgeable DUI attorneys in West Covina will ensure that you never feel any stressful moments during your criminal DUI proceedings and successfully mitigate the charges in a very smooth manner. If you are facing criminal DUI proceedings in California, call us to get a free consultation, and we will explain you how we can make the difference in your case so that you can successfully regain your freedom and life.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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