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DUI lawyer in La PuenteCalifornia has become notorious by devoting more time and energy into DUI arrests and convictions than any other state. The California Office of Traffic Safety continues to invest millions of dollars every single year to increase DUI saturation patrols and checkpoints. This means that many drivers are finding themselves on the receiving end of one of the most severe charges that can be issued while behind the wheel. If you or someone you love has recently been charged with a DUI, it is important to understand just how this process can play out and what one of our experienced DUI attorneys can do for you.

Every driver that is convicted of a DUI is going to lead to thousands of dollars of revenue for law enforcement agencies and courts. This means that most judges are going to quickly push for a conviction and would like to leave drivers in the dark on their legal rights and obligation. Unfortunately, once arrested, drivers have only a few days to formalize their representation, schedule an administrative hearing with the DMV, and begin preparing themselves for whatever may occur in the La Puente courthouse.

If a conviction does take place, the initial fines and fees from the court and DMV may be the littlest of a driver’s concerns. All DUIs come with an immediate license suspension that could negatively impact almost every facet of one’s life. There will also be years of informal probation, sobriety classes, and the potential for time in prison.No matter how serious or overwhelming these charges may seem, our network of DUI attorneys is here to help. We have maintained our reputation by providing dedicated services to drivers in the worse legal ordeals of their life. We are familiar with all local courts and judges and understand exactly what it is going to take to win a case and let you move on with your life.

Driving under the influence is often called drunk driving due to the fact that many drivers are pulled over for driving after drinking alcoholic beverages, but it can also refer to driving while under the influence of legally obtained and used prescription or over-the-counter medications or illegal drugs. If you have been arrested for DUI, our DUI attorney in La Puente can help.

The per se limit for alcohol use is 0.08 percent for those who are over 21 and 0.04 percent for commercial drivers. Drivers who are under 21 have a limit under 0.01 percent. Drivers who are over that limit or who have used any illegal drug or a combination of drugs and alcohol may be charged with a DUI in California. The laws pertaining to DUI are complicated, and you may be facing harsh punishments if convicted. Our experienced La Puente DUI attorney can provide you with the kind of adept representation you need at this difficult time.

Consequences for DUI convictions in California can include fines that range from nearly $400 to $1,000, jail sentences of up to six months, mandatory drug and alcohol programs, probation, or community service. Your insurance rates may go up, or you may be dropped by your insurer altogether. Fighting the charges you face with the assistance of our DUI lawyer in La Puente may be able to help you keep a conviction off your record.

Schools and colleges, current and potential employers, the military and the government, and creditors and landlords may all have reason to access your criminal record through background checks. It can affect your ability to obtain credit, get a job, or attend the school of your choice. Our La Puente DUI lawyer can help.

A DUI can lead to the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, complications in your work or personal life, and expensive fines and other penalties. You owe it to yourself and your future to talk to our DUI attorney in La Puente and discover your options today.

About La Puente

La Puente has all the advantages resulting from the proximity to Los Angeles without any negative complications of busy city life. Although La Puente is located just 20 miles from Los Angeles, it’s not a recent suburban area and holds a rich history and cultural heritage, dating back to 18th century. Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum treasures a very rich cultural legacy of La Puente and any resident interested to understand the history of their home city can visit the museum.

If you are lucky to reside in La Puente, you have access to numerous activities, including the fun and entertainment that you can enjoy with your family. Golf is very popular and serves as the best pastime activity providing a completely refreshing environment if you want to relax a bit after the hectic work schedule. Industry Hills Golf Club offers very pleasant outdoor ambiance where you can play the links. Knott’s Berry Farm provides a very thrilling experience for the entire family with roller coasters and water rides, Galster Wilderness Park and the Speed Zone. If shopping is what drives your nerves, then you can head straight to Puente Hills Mall that hosts numerous stores for very enjoyable shopping experience.

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Besides fun and entertainment, the city hosts a very thriving business community. The community support system includes highly experienced and reliable professional from almost every sphere of life such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, attorneys, etc. that the residents need in their day to day life. When you are residing at La Puente, you don’t have to look somewhere else for any solutions or services that you may need.

DUI Attorneys La PuenteLa Puente is a well-planned city to take care of every possible difficulty faced by the residents. Unfortunately, you can get into serious trouble if the law enforcement officers charge you for drunk driving. California DUI criminal proceedings contain very severe penalties that can significantly affect your freedom and life. It hardly matters whether the charging officers committed a mistake or indulged in abusing their power, you have to prompt call an experienced DUI attorney if they arrest you on changes of driving under the influence due to any unfortunate circumstances. You cannot risk your freedom and life by just relying on any lawyer. You are going to need the best professional defense against the DUI charges from an experienced attorney who actually knows how to handle such cases. Make sure to promptly dial 424-835-3040 for hiring a reliable and experienced private DUI attorney.

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