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How to hire DUI attorneys

  For most people, DUI charges are not an everyday issue to consider. As a result, it often becomes hard to find and hire attorneys. DUI (Driving under the influence) crimes are wide-spread in all of the US and fall under the branch of criminal law. Hiring a competent DUI attorney is a very important […]

DUI Lawyers and their Expenses

  A DUI Lawyer and a DUI attorney have either specialized or represent a client in the area of criminal law called DUI (Driving under the influence) which is deemed a crime in all of the US. DUI lawyers need to be well versed in DUI laws and well informed in its amendments to be […]

5 Steps to Hire the Best DUI Attorney in California

A DUI attorney in California must be hired to ensure that the sentence is the shortest possible. Violation of driving laws is referred as DUI (Driving under influence), while some states call it DWI (Driving while Intoxicated.) Under the effects of alcohol and other intoxicants, it becomes nearly impossible to drive a vehicle safely. Due […]

The Truth Behind Breathalyzer, Blood, Urine & Field Sobriety Tests

Just because you have been arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) does not necessarily mean you are guilty because the tests came back positive. Here are some reasons why you might have failed these tests and should not have. The Breathalyzer Test: Breathalyzers, like any other equipment, must be maintained on a regular basis […]

DUI Trial

Will the Prosecutor Handling My DUI Trial Know My Driving or Criminal Records?

Driving under the influence (DUI) arrests, trials, convictions, and sentences can be anxiety-producing, frightening experiences. Many first-time offenders find themselves overwhelmed by the process and unsure how to best navigate the criminal justice system to ensure they receive the least stringent penalty and punishment possible. It is not surprising that many DUI arrestees choose to […]

Arizona DUI – All you need to know

PHOENIX DUI DRUNK DRIVING RIGHTS Under Arizona DUI law and the Constitution, every person has legal rights. As with all criminal cases, those legal rights are numerous, and are set forth below. Because the DUI law penalties are so severe, it is extremely important that you be aware of your DUI rights. The Right to […]

DUI Laws in Indiana

  Like all other states across America, if you drive within the state of Indiana with a BAC level higher than 0.08% you are liable to be charged fir DUI. This level is significantly reduced for minors under the age of 21 and drivers of commercial vehicles. They are legally allowed to drive with a […]

DUI Laws in North Dakota

  North Dakota has an “Implied Consent Law” which means that if you want to drive on the roadways of North Dakota, you agree to submit to a chemical test of your blood, breath or urine if a peace officer has reason to believe that you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In […]

DUI Laws in Hawaii

  The first line of action for anyone who is found driving under the influence of alcohol within the state of Hawaii is to get a good DUI lawyer to assist them in resolving their DUI case. Hawaii DUI offenders are faced with a two-pronged attack. The first attack comes from the courts with respect […]