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Los Angeles Court Houses

Last Updated on May 4, 2024 by DALA Staff Writer

Los Angeles County boasts an extensive network of courthouses, each equipped to handle a range of legal issues, including DUI cases. Given the sprawling nature of the county and the high volume of traffic, DUI charges are not uncommon and are taken very seriously by local authorities. Each courthouse is prepared with facilities and personnel specialized in managing the complexities of DUI cases—from arraignments through trials and sentencing.

Whether you’re seeking legal assistance or need to understand the DUI process better, the proximity and accessibility of these courthouses ensure that legal resources are within reach for residents across the county. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of Los Angeles court houses, ensuring you can easily locate the one nearest you or the one relevant to your needs.

Los Angeles Superior Court

The Los Angeles Superior Court is organized into several judicial districts, each encompassing multiple courthouses that serve specific geographic areas of Los Angeles County. These districts are designed to provide comprehensive legal services ranging from civil to criminal cases, family law, juvenile matters, and more. Here’s a breakdown of the districts and their respective courthouses:

  1. Central District: This district includes key locations such as the Central Arraignment Courthouse, Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Courthouse, Stanley Mosk Courthouse, and Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, among others. It covers central downtown Los Angeles.
  2. East District: Includes the El Monte Courthouse, Pomona Courthouse, and West Covina Courthouse, serving the eastern region of Los Angeles County.
  3. North District: Contains the Alfred J. McCourtney Juvenile Justice Center Courthouse and the Michael D. Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse, catering to the northern parts of the county.
  4. North Central District: This district has the Burbank Courthouse and Glendale Courthouse, which serve the north-central area of Los Angeles.
  5. North Valley District: Encompasses the Chatsworth Courthouse, Santa Clarita Courthouse, San Fernando Courthouse, and Sylmar Juvenile Courthouse, covering the northern valley regions.
  6. Northeast District: Consists of the Alhambra Courthouse and Pasadena Courthouse, serving the northeastern suburbs.
  7. Northwest District: Comprises the Van Nuys East Courthouse and Van Nuys West Courthouse, also targeting the northwestern parts of the valley.
  8. South District: Includes the Catalina Courthouse and Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse, which are located in the southern parts including the city of Long Beach.
  9. South Central District: Comprises the Compton Courthouse, focusing on the south-central area of Los Angeles County.
  10. Southeast District: Includes Downey Courthouse, Bellflower Courthouse, Norwalk Courthouse, and Whittier Courthouse, serving the southeastern communities.
  11. Southwest District: Includes the Inglewood Courthouse, Inglewood Juvenile Courthouse, and Torrance Courthouse, covering the southwestern parts of the county.
  12. West District: Encompasses the Airport Courthouse, Beverly Hills Courthouse, and Santa Monica Courthouse, serving the western side of Los Angeles County.

Each district is tailored to meet the legal and administrative needs of its community, ensuring access to justice and court-related services throughout Los Angeles County. For more detailed information on the location and services of each courthouse, you can refer to the graphic below. (Source: https://www.lacourt.org/courthouse)

The Los Angeles Superior Court is organized into several judicial districts, each encompassing multiple courthouses that serve specific geographic areas of Los Angeles County.
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