When to hire a DUI attorney


A charge of DUI (Driving under the influence) is a charge for drunk driving which calls for an attorney’s help immediately. Under “Miranda rights”, a person can refuse to answer any question asked by the authorities unless the attorney is present. A DUI arrest can be very draining for an individual and sparks a trial immediately. So having a DUI attorney guide you through the law and argument his way out of a possible conviction, is the more sensible thing to do.

It is feasible to say that one should hire an attorney as soon as s/he is arrested for DUI, as arresting is the first step to many obstacles of DUI crime ahead. A DUI case will raise two separate cases:

  1. License authority in the state, which will revoke your license for a number of days / months or years, depending on the seriousness of the DUI committed.
  2. And a case with the state, where the prosecution will attempt to prove the defendant guilty before a jury (only the judge in some states) and if found guilty, the sentencing can introduce severe penalties like heavy fines, probation, jail time and community service.

With attorneys present from the start of the case the defendant will be in an advantageous position to be guided by the attorney that can prove favorable outcomes for him. Without a DUI attorney there is a high chance for the defendant to be losing his driving privileges, suffer fines, and even serve jail time, all this on the cost of either not being represented by an attorney or hiring an attorney late.

A DUI attorney if hired since the beginning of the case will be able to better represent the defendant at trial as he will have knowledge and understanding of the elements that constituted the crime and will also have a solid ground to get a possible acquittal.

Originally posted 2016-12-11 14:27:37.